Final Exam (Annual Scheme only)

(RGU currently follows Semestral Scheme of studies. The annual scheme has been discontinued. The information given below applies to only those students with backpaper under the annual scheme)


The year-end, final, university examinations are held in the months of March-May. Practical examinations begin by mid-March, and the theory examinations are held in April-May.

Eligibility to appear in the Final Exam:

  • At least 75% attendance during the year.
  • Student should have taken the House Test

Minimum Marks for passing each paper:

  • For Honours Paper        : 35%
  • For Pass Course Paper : 33%

Minimum Aggregate Marks for passing the course:

  • For Honours Course : 40%
  • For Pass Course        :  35%

Division/Class assigned based on the aggregate marks upon graduation:
Honours Course:

   First Class       : 60%+
   Second Class  : 50-59%
   Pass/III Class : 40-49%
   Those getting 35-39% will be declared “Pass” without

Pass Course:

   First Class       : 60%+
   Second Class  : 45-59%
   Pass/III Class : 35-44%

Compartmental Pass:
A student failing in only one subject securing not less than 25% marks in it, but has an aggregate of at least 40% (theory and practical separately considered) will be declared pass in Compartment. Such student may progress to the next year, but must clear the compartmental subject along with the next year’s examinations.

Late Collegiate:
A student failing in the university examinations is debarred from proceeding to the next higher level. He/she must appear as Late Collegian in the next university examinations without attending regular classes. 

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