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SAP is a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integrating internal and external management information across an entire organization. Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, with locations in more than 130 countries, SAP AG is the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services. 11 out of 16 “Navaratna” companies of India use SAP. 25 out of 40 largest Indian companies named in Forbes use SAP.

SAP education program, offered at SCCZ, through anMoU signed between Amitech and Xavier Board of Higher Education (XBHE), is highly subsidized for Claretines. The Certification Program includes two SAP-01 End User Module & SAP B1Course. We offer it primarily for second and third year students only, and some foundational knowledge of computers, preferably DCA, is mandatory (open only to Claretines).

Benefits to Students

  1. In-depth knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which will help them in all kinds of jobs.
  2. In-depth knowledge of business processes and functions.
  3. Understanding SAP functions and eligibility for Global Level Certification
  4. Excellent job opportunities in Indian and multinational organizations and companies.

Besides regular and professional courses, the college also offers the following add-on courses:

Every student who joins the SCCZ family but lacks computer skills is required to enroll for the one-year diploma program in computer applications.

During the year, they learn the following skills:

Fundamentals of Computer, Introductions to Operating Systems, Windows XP/ME/98, Graphical packages, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Access, Project Work.

Page Maker, Corel Draw 10, Photoshop, Scanning & Project Work.

Departments offer a variety of certificate courses of 60 hours duration (45 contact hours + 15 hours personal/field work) and 3 credits. The courses are offered across semesters and students may choose from the following pool of available courses:

A-CC-01: Basics of Research Methodology

 C-CC-02: Organic Farming

 D-CC-03: Personality Development

E-CC-04: Creative Writing & Theatre

G-CC-05: Tourism Management

H-CC-06: Archaeology

P-CC-07: Panchayati Raj Institutions.

MC-CC-08: Short Film Production

BC-CC-09: Personal Financial Planning

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